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Rule Of Law Should Be Observed

Rule Of Law Should Be Observed

The federal capital Islamabad is observing a state of chaos before the set in of the November the 2nd, the date declared by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) as date of locking down the city.

The recent bleak and chaotic situation in the capital city provides us a clear picture that the leaders both from treasury and opposition benches are playing with the national security of the country which was preserved by the law enforcers after rendering enormous sacrifices in the war against terrorism.

It looks like that the national leadership is showing no respect whatsoever to the value of the 200 million citizens of the country who voted them for rescuing the country from great chaos and disorder and pursuing their own interests. Both leaders from opposition and government benches are playing musical chair game of power. As we are observing that the government pays Imran Khan back in the same coin after the later threatened to lock down the capital city by locking down the entire country and barricaded all the routes and main roads lead to Islamabad.

Just two days ago, Islamabad High Court ordered government not to install containers on the roads on November 2nd and at the same time directed PTI to hold its sit-in at an identified location. Unfortunately both the government and PTI paid no attention to court’s directions.

However, it has been observed on the ground that PTI’s workers tried hard not to come in head-on collision with the law enforcers and showed restrain. The law enforcers, conversely, showed no mercy towards PTI workers and used brutal force against the unarmed youth of the PTI when they were gathered at a youth convention in E-11 sector of the capital city. The news of the incident immediately has gone viral on electronic and social media ignited a wave of anger and unrest among the ranks of the party. Soon after the incident a wave of violence erupted in different parts of twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, and news of conflicts between PTI workers and police were reported. Police also responded quickly and cordoned the Bani Gala, house to the residential complex of Imran Khan. These acts further fueled the already chaotic situation and entire country was almost come to the brink of standstill.

Such situation could not be banded as suitable for democracy in a country which has not a very shining history in this regard. On the same time, leaders from both sides resorted to use extreme language and leveled allegations against each other. During the course they used language could not be considered suitable for leaders of national level.

By Haider Ali

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