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Mullah Omar’s Son Given Military Position By Afghan Taliban

Mullah Omar’s Son Given Military Position By Afghan Taliban

The Afghan Taliban have accommodated their late leader Mullah Omar’s son and brother in key positions to avert the widening of a rift within the organisation, according to media reports on Tuesday. 

Omar’s elder son Mullah Mohammad Yaqoob was given a senior military position and will now be in-charge of the group’s “military commission” in 15 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces, said a statement from the Taliban. He was also been included the “Rehbari Shura”, the Taliban’s top decision-making council.

Mullah Abdul Manan, Omar’s brother and Yaqoob’s uncle, was included in the Taliban’s leadership council, according to the statement.

Yaqoob and Manan formally assumed their offices at a meeting of Taliban leaders, members of the leadership council and senior commanders, it added. The

The military commission is responsible for overseeing all military affairs of the Taliban and is led by Mullah Ibrahim Sadr.

Mullah Akhtar Mansoor was named the head of the Afghan Taliban after the group admitted last year that Mullah Omar had died in 2013. Yaqoob had refused to accept the leadership of Mansoor.

Earlier, Yaqoob and Manan were unwilling to accept top positions in the group when Mansoor’s fighters launched operations against those who refused to pledge their allegiance to Omar’s successor.

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