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I Am More Than A Fair Complexion, Flawless Skin And Slim Waste-Faiza Hassan Gillani

I Am More Than A Fair Complexion, Flawless Skin And Slim Waste-Faiza Hassan Gillani

I am so tired of women being objectified on social media. Like everywhere in the world, social media has become part of our lives too. The major mediums television, newspaper magazines and advertisement are treating women as objects since the beginning of time.

The advertisement can play vital role in educating women. But they are creating beauty ideals instead; a shallow definition of beauty. There are demons like fair complexion, slim waist, flawless skin and many more. Why can’t we Pakistanis get rid of these demons?? Sadly our electronic and print media is feeding the demon daily.

I have seen belittling and mortifying advertisements in which only the girls with fair complexion are shown confident, successful and beautiful. Is fairness the only criteria to judge the girls worth? Numerous ads in newspapers and magazines promote the same notion that if you will have fair and flawless skin, you can easily grab a good job. Buy the product and get the Prince Charming of your dreams.

My friend who is software engineer recently met a less educated suitor who only rejected her because of her dark complexion. These values, our media is inculcating in our society, I fear if we are going to hand over the same culture to our next generation. The trend of fair complexion is transferred to men now; don’t you think this fair complexion obsession should end now?? Don’t you think advertising agencies should change the conversation about fair complexion? Or they simply stop making belittling ads.

The thin ideal media is presenting ultra-thin images of women. Models are lessening to the sum of their body parts and photo shopped to meet the criteria of ideal female beauty which consequently making women feel complex and unwanted. They are becoming victims of depression and extreme dieting which is resulting in diseases like bulimia, obesity and eating disorder. They are ready to go to any limits just to conform beauty standards. They are going for surgeries, liposuctions, buttock, whitening injections and the list is long.

Magazine another outlet of mass media is following the same practice. Both women and men magazine are objectifying women; mostly women magazine are laden with the recipes of getting slim, fair and enforcing damaging beauty standards. Even in comic books women are drawn voluptuously. The women are presented as man want to see them.

Movies too are portraying women in stereotypical ways. The films mostly have male protagonist, our Pakistani dramas are presenting women whose life is only confine to kitchen, making round chapattis all the day. Women are being shown as men want to see them. The result male gaze is that women start looking at themselves as males look at them.

Artist who thinks objectifying women will improve their art?? What’s artistic to them may appear sexual objectification to others.

I recently happened to see a women objectifying yoga photo shoot by a prolific photographer. It’s very appalling and saddening that we are accepting this trend and not raising our voice against it. Men now view women as pleasing objects. I know many of them pressurizing their wives to get slim, fair and be like those beauty ideals they see on social media daily. Media mirrors society and I wish it act responsible while portraying women and provide us other frames through which society can look at women differently.

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