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Ex British Army Officer Sees Wilderness From His Own Perspective

Ex British Army Officer Sees Wilderness From His Own Perspective

The instinct of motivation is something which arises in a person as a natural reaction to an occurred act. It is generated from within and makes that person to act in a characterized way. I believe instinct of motivation might not always lead to a physical action rather sometimes it becomes a reason of motivation to do something after being rejected in life. Bear Grylls has proved instinct of motivation in a psychological way.

Bear Grylls is a 41 years old British multi expert. He is a daredevil, writer, television presenter, and a survival expert. His show Man vs. Wild, which started with the name of Born Survivor in the beginning, has earned him most of the fame.

He is an ex-army officer, who joined Indian Army after graduating from his school and serving as a reservist with the 21 SAS Regiment (Artists Reserve) until 1997. He became the youngest ever Chief Scout in UK at the age of 35.  Grylls was awarded with the honorary rank of lieutenant commander in the royal Naval Reserve in 2004. He was also awarded with the honorary rank of lieutenant colonel in the Royal Marines reserve in 2013.

In 1996, his 3 vertebrae bones were crushed when he suffered free-fall parachuting accident where he dropped over his bag pack from a height of 4,900 meters (16,000 ft) after his parachute had failed to be completely opened. He was taken to military rehabilitation at Headley court where in and out he spent his next 12 months. He later describes his accident as “I should have cut the main parachute and gone to the reserve but thought there was enough time to resolve the problem”. His condition was very critical after the accident, his surgeon stated as, “Grylls came “within a whisker” of being paralyzed for life and it was questionable whether he would ever be able to walk again.” Bear Grylls is now one of the most successful survival skills experts in the world. He has shown survival skills across the globe in every circumstance.

I am not aware of what others might think of this man, but I after looking at the marvels this man has done feel just amazed and wonder struck by the efforts and will power of this survival warrior. This man is a living example of what will-power and hope can bring. He was down & out and was left helpless, all the meanings of his life had gone in vain. He was out-ruled from one of the best jobs that any man would ever desire for, an Army officer, a servant of the nation.

Bear Grylls portrays us about what hope is and what can we achieve by not letting go. Hope is something which keeps us alive and Grylls proved it in his very distinct way. He was all out in his life, he was out of his job and even his doctor had strange remarks over his medical condition after the parachute accident, and yet this man stood fast to prove himself. I myself believe that his downfall made his instincts to spark, firmed his belief in himself, paved way for him to stand up and live his life in a way which he would have ever desired for. He started chasing and living his dreams. He became what is not possible for all to become. As Mahatma Buddha said, “The mind is everything, what you think you become”, and this man did exactly the same. He is now one of the best of survival experts. He knows how to sustain his life when there is nothing available for him.


Sometimes, I think of That Feeling which Grylls would have had when he was at the top of the highest peak of the world, Mount Everest, when the whole land was beneath him, when he had conquered his agonies. He would have thought about the sufferings which he had endured as one of the minor rock of the mountain of desires which he had climbed over. He would have considered himself as one of the luckiest persons of the planet after conquering his dreams. For me, it would be the best feeling in the world. I some time wonder if this man may just survive the apocalypse too.

Nature has a rule that the reward of hard struggle is always priceless. No matter how may the path be, you can always reach the end if you are aware of your destination. Life is the name of continuance and continuance always makes the difference.

By Zameer Naqvi

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