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Does Modi Suffers Another Defeat?

Does Modi Suffers Another Defeat?

“Pakistan is cancer for entire world. Pakistan is headache for the entire world. Pakistan is the epicenter of terrorism for the entire world. Who says long live Pakistan…it’s down with Pakistan.”

These are the words uttered by nobody else but the chief of the fourth largest political force of the country Muttahida Qaumi Movement leader Altaf Hussain.

MQM chief then turned to the people gathered to hear their leader and said, “So you are moving to ARY and Samaa from here…right?” The crowd, with one voice, replied in the affirmative to Altaf Hussain directives. “So you go to Samaa and ARY today and then refresh tomorrow for the Rangers place. And tomorrow we would lock down the Sindh government building which is called Sindh Secretariat.”

The provocative speech just fueled the crowd, who raised slogan: “Bhai ka ho ik ishara, hazir hazir lahu hamara.”

Before carrying out the anatomy of Mr. Hussain speech and his newly invented rhetoric, we are going to look into the current situation being unfolded on national and regional front in the wake of the death of Kashmiri freedom-fighter Burhan Wani.

The death of Burhan Wani sparked the second “Intifada” in Held-Kashmir against India after a period of 26 years as the valley observed the first uprising in 1990, against the occupation of the India. The movement has until now claimed the lives of more than 80 thousands innocent civilians. Indian case is becoming increasingly weakened over Held-Kashmir in the wake of the fresh wave of uprising in the valley as the occupied forces have up to now killed more than 100 Kashmiris and arrested thousands.

The situation in the valley pushed the Indian leadership against the wall with such a force that they completely lost their brain.

Rather pursuing the matter sensibly, the Indian political leadership came up with a new mantra of branding the ‘indigenous uprising’ in Held-Kashmir as terrorism waged by the elements sneaked into the valley from across the border.

The Indian government, in a bid to cover up its mess, alleged Pakistani government of being conspirator behind the current uprising and demanded the later to stop cross border infiltration, a rhetoric no longer viable in the current scenario or taken serious by the  international community.

Indian Prime Minster Narendra Modi, in the wake of the unrest in the valley and the amount of concern showed by United Nation, enraged Indian PM Narindra Modi. Indian PM attempted to defuse situation at home and deviated the attention of international community from the unfolding situation in Held-Kashmir by mentioning self-invented rhetoric about inhabitants Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan of being thankful to him for raising voice for their rights. He orated the new mantra while addressing a gathering at Independence Day celebration. But it has turned out to be such an unfortunate event for him as he was tore off a strip not only by leaderships of different Pakistani political parties but also by the Indian opposition parties as well.

According to a report published in ‘The Indian Express’, a mainstream India English daily, observed that the Indian Prime Minister’s remarks were met with angry reactions from Islamabad and a section of Opposition parties in India.  The daily further reported that “Congress party attacked the Modi government for its ‘inconsistent’ foreign policy, with party leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi asking the government to end its “knee-jerk” policy with Pakistan and fix problems within the country first before raising issues such as Balochistan.”

Modi was probably quite sure that his attempt would make a difference not only on national but also international front to obfuscate the held Kashmir’s reality by bringing up Balochistan. But the way he was beaten up merely brought a sense of insult and failure nationally and internationally for him and his government.

In the wake of failure suffered on this front, one can definitely assume that Modi turned towards his old ally and long-lasting friend Altaf Hussain to save his skin. It is an open secret that Altaf Hussain received funding form Indian top spy agency ‘Research  and Analysis Wing’ in the past. The reality was not only revealed by international media but also confirmed by Mustafa Kamal, a former MQM leader who left it and forms his own party.

Altaf Hussain attempted to secure Modi by delivering a speech on august 22, while addressing his party workers, in which he not only provoked his party workers against media houses and directed them to attack it for not airing his, Altaf Hussain, voice but also chanted anti-Pakistan slogans.

The uproar produced in Pakistan at the wake of the Altaf Hussain speech has somehow obfuscated the recent unanimous stance that the country leadership adopted on recent uprising Held-Kashmir being unfolded in the wake of the death of Kashmiri freedom-fighter Burhan Wani.

However, not only Pakistani nation but also MQM has also strongly condemned Altaf Hussain for raising anti-Pakistan slogans and the later went a step ahead and completely disowned Mr. Hussain.

The outcome was completely unexpected for the India and its prime spy agency, RAW as they could not anticipate that their hit-man, Altaf Hussain, and his newly invented narrative “Pakistan Murdabad, would suffer such a blow back from within his party ranks.

Just two days after a miracle happened which no one could expect before. An immature video gone viral on social media showing a young guy stenciling the slogan “Pakistan Zindabad” at the main gate of nowhere else but Nine-Zero, while MQM workers were silently looking at him and could dare to bring a “Bori” of his size. The guy, after stenciling the slogan on the gate, chanted “Pakistan Zindabad“ slogan and left. The city of Karachi has changed.

By Haider Ali

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