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Bollywood Biopic On Nazia, Zohaib In The Works-Faiza Hassan Gillani

Bollywood Biopic On Nazia, Zohaib In The Works-Faiza Hassan Gillani

A Bollywood movie on the lives of Pioneer of Pop music Nazia Hassan and Zohaib Hassan in making, yes that’s indeed good news for fans of Hassan’s.

Singer Zohaib took to Facebook to announce the big news saying: “A Bollywood film on the lives of pop icons, Nazia and Zohaib Hassan featuring their hits spanning 3 decades to be announced soon.” The biopic will give us interesting insight into the music industry of the era and personal lives of siblings. The script is in Hindi, film is directed by a well-known director but the name of director has not yet been disclosed. Well just can’t wait to see how the film will encapsulate the phenomenal music journey of pop icons in three hours movie.

The pioneer of pop music in Pakistan touched the zenith of success when their song “Aap Jaisa Koi “was first featured as a soundtrack for the 1980 Bollywood film ‘Qurbani’. The song was later added in bestselling album produced by Indian producer Biddu. In early 80’s this album gave new dimensions to music. The talented siblings released their second album. The album was named as Boom Boom. Hassan’s gained popularity with their albums young tarang, hotline, and camera camera. The group continued their rise in popularity through the 1980″s and early 90’s.

Later Nazia Hassan announced retirement because she had marriage commitments to fulfill and Zohaib joined his father’s business. Unfortunately the beautiful Nazia was contracted with cancer and passed away. God Almighty had blessed Nazia with everything except length of age.

Zohaib decided to leave music after this great loss but his fans wanted him to work more hence he came back with his solo album “Kismat”. Zohaib dedicated this album to her sister and it was more than a music album to him. He did some modifications and produced a drama serial based on the track of this album “Gina”. The drama was on aired may 2006 to November 2006. Recently Zohaib was seen in cameo appearance in Ho Mann Jahaan featuring the duo’s iconic hit ‘Dosti’.  He also paid ode to Nazia in a nostalgic performance of the duo’s hit in jaana coke studio 7 alongside Zoe Viccaji in 2014.

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